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What May Be Happening When God Says “No”

I wanted the job. I wanted it badly. And a few weeks after making it to the final round of interviews, I learned that I had just missed the cut.

I called my friend Shon to share the bad news.

“Is the door totally shut?” he asked.

“They only hire seasonally, and this was pretty much my one shot,” I said. “So basically, God will have to do it if it’s going to happen.”

“Would you want it any other way?” he asked.

I paused, looked down, smiled to myself, and said, “I suppose I wouldn’t.”

That was several years ago, and as God would have it, I did get that job. Since then, I’ve had many other opportunities to wait for God to meet my needs. Sometimes it was other jobs I wanted, or a spouse, healing from chronic illness, or His intervention in the lives of others. I’m still asking for some of those things today.

But when I plead for divine intervention, it’s usually because God is the only one who can pull it off. Otherwise, I would just take care of it myself.

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  1. Well-said! Love your honesty and transparency. I wish I could say I've been there (as in past-tense), but far too often, I am still there. Help us, Lord!


    February 7, 2012
  2. This is good. It's right, and it's hard.


    February 9, 2012
  3. Seeking Work #

    It is very hard to understand, but I am no stranger to waiting for what feels like an eternity. I have been trouble finding even the smallest of jobs since I was eighteen, and I am now thirty. I graduated college a few years ago, and I was so certain that I would be able to move forward and that things would improve. But things got worse. My only choice was to take refuge in another town, where everybody is a stranger and work is scarce. I have landed a few temporary assignments since then, but I have no long-term prospects. Most jobs require at least two years prior experience, which I lack. The holes in my work history also lead employers to question my capabilities. I would love to relocate, but I lack the money to do so. At this point, having a career means overcoming a paradox. The only thing that can get me a career now is a miracle, which God has yet to provide. But will He provide it?


    May 14, 2015

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