To the Infant Victims of Dr. Kermit Gosnell

This post is written in memory of the countless infants who were murdered at the hands of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of their deaths in 2013.  You can read more about the trial here.

We do not know how many thousands of you there are; nor do we know the names God has now given you.  But what we do know is that your lives on this earth were far too short, that you deserved better than you got – and today, we want you to know this: we remember you.

A grand jury named you “Baby C.” We know that you were so strong that you fought for your life on a dirty operating table for 20 full minutes before a murderer’s assistant quickly ended it with a pair of scissors.  Oh dear Baby C, we’re so proud of you – you did everything you could to hang in there, but it wasn’t a fair match.  You didn’t stand a chance, but you put up the only fight you could, and we remember you.

Your name is “Baby Boy A.”  We know that you weighed six pounds when your mom delivered you by induction when she was seven-and-a-half months’ pregnant.  We also know that you squirmed on the table before a serial killer decapitated you and then joked about it.  Your coffin was a shoebox. Baby Boy A, please understand this: there was nothing funny about your death, and though one of the last things you heard before you died was the sound of a murderer laughing, today there is a great sound of so many more of us mourning your death.  Sweet Baby Boy A, you deserved to rest in a crib, not to be laid to rest in a shoebox, and today, we remember you.

You’re called “Baby Girl Aborted by Gosnell.”  You deserve a better name than that – you really do.  I’m not sure what God has named you, so I’ll just call you “Baby Girl,” because I call my little girls that sometimes.  I saw your picture Baby Girl, and it broke my heart.  You almost looked alive, and the first thing I thought when I saw you was how much you looked like my little girls when they were born.  I’ll bet you would have grown up to be just as beautiful as them.

Listen, Baby Girl, the man who ended your life may not have noticed your beautiful face, that face that was knitted together with care by your Maker – but I looked at your face for a long time the other day, and I will never forget it.  Please know that.

To all the innocent children who lost their lives in the Women’s Medical Society Clinic, please know that today, we remember you. We remember you, we remember you, we remember you – and we will not forget.

Though you were not strong enough to fight for yourselves, and you died at the hands of heartless murderers, today, you rest in the arms of Jesus, and you are safe. Rest in sweet peace.

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  1. Thank you for this hauntingly beautiful tribute to these precious little ones. I know they are dancing at the feet of Jesus. Thank you for remembering their lives… Heather Sachs


  2. Just reposted to my facebook wall. I help NICU moms and babies as a lactation consultant, and daily help tiny babies learn to breastfeed. My heart breaks to read about these babies, disposed of in this way. If God had not opened my eyes to His truth as a teenager, I may well have been one of those clinic customers. I pray He will give them all grace to repent and mourn.


  3. The news items I've seen online regarding this case have been too awful to read. Yes, I'm a coward… I can't take the awfulness of it :/This is a beautiful piece. Oh Lord, have mercy on your poor nation, and our our poor nation of Scotland, where the same things are happening and not one – not *one* – of our politicians will even discuss it.


  4. That's a beautiful comment. Thanks for sharing.


  5. Beautiful, Joshua.


  6. I mourn for those children who were murdered, and also for the women who were deceived, coerced and harmed there. They were told by someone they thought they could trust that what they were doing was okay, and many had changed their minds about their abortion and yet were forced to get it done by this doctor and his team. These women are also victims, and I mourn for them as well.


  7. Thank you for saying that, Megan. I decided to focus on their children in this post, but the mothers are the focus of my prayers for this situation.


  8. Thank you, Joshua.


  9. A post like this can only be penned by a man who loves God and loves his kids. The heart beat of a parent pounds with every keystroke. Steve from Bham


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