Real-life Humans (Like You) Are About to Get Yelped

All your worst fears are coming to an app called Peeple that is being released next month. It allows anyone to rate and review other folks just like they would a restaurant or chiropractor on Yelp. You can’t help but wonder how many broken friendships, verbal assaults and suicides it will eventually inspire.

Here’s how Entertainment Weekly’s Mary Sollosi describes it:

When the app launches, users will be able to review their friends, coworkers, and romantic partners — who may or may not have ever signed on to the app themselves — using a one- to five-star rating scale.

In order to rate somebody, you need to join the app through Facebook using your real name, and you must be at least 21 years old. To review somebody else who is not on the app, you can create a profile for them with their cell phone number; they will be notified via text that they have been added to Peeple, but they won’t have an option to remove their profile from the app.

If you are not on Peeple yourself but others are rating you, then only positive reviews will be posted. If you have, in fact, registered, then negative reviews will be published, but only after 48 hours of being written so that you will have a chance to dispute them.

It’s a genius idea — you’re enticed to register so you can get the temporary high of reading a flattering review of yourself. But once Pandora’s Box is open, there’s no turning back — it’s open season for Peeple reviews, and you’re the target. Maybe you’ll get positive reviews; maybe you’ll get negative ones. You’ll just have to log in at all hours of the day and night to find out.

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