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I Wasn’t Expecting a Reality TV Star to Read my Blog Post

Last week, I wrote a straightforward post over at Boundless about how you shouldn’t get serious about someone until you know how the person handles stress. At the end of the post, I decided to use a practical example from the hit reality TV show The Amazing Race. I said:

I still remember how embarrassed I was several years ago when watching the reality show Amazing Race, which featured Kelly and Ron, an unmarried Christian couple. They went on a worldwide trip through all kinds of frustrating obstacles in an attempt to win $1,000,000. While some of their competitors were loving and patient with each other, Kelly and Ron were constantly bickering and slowing themselves down by competing over who was in control.

It never crossed my mind that either Kelly or Ron would read my post, but in fact, Kelly and her husband, Scott, read it. My jaw dropped when I saw their comments under the post.

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