We Prayed and God Healed a Boy Today

Today, my family and I were over at my friend Tim’s house for a gathering, and his son was throwing up, which is a concern. He has a potentially serious disorder called Cyclical Vomiting Syndrome which, if it gets out of control, can be debilitating.

The kids played outside while the adults had a conversation in the living room. But their son was in the bedroom above us, lying down and occasionally throwing up. Eventually, my friend Dawn said, “You know, we really should pray for him.”

I thought, Good point. What took us so long?

I led the prayer, and when I did, I sensed God’s great compassion for the boy, and it actually brought tears to my eyes. Shortly thereafter, we said goodbye, and this evening, I texted Tim to ask how his son was doing.

His response: “Much better. Thanks for asking. [He] got better right after you prayed for him.”

What an encouraging testimony of God’s faithfulness, which we almost left untapped out of spiritual carelessness. It serves as a good reminder to we must continue to be bold and persistent in prayer. God is often more eager to answer than we are to ask.

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