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You want to know what makes a lot of authors feel insecure and uneasy about their work? It’s selling it.

You spend all of this time and energy pouring your heart into writing something that makes a positive difference in the world — then you have to take your work and try to sell it to friends and strangers like it’s a box of Girl Scout cookies.

But it’s part of the job, and I’d like to thank all of you who have made that job easier for me lately. The publisher is reporting that there are a significant number of pre-orders. I’m thankful! Writing books is like running a coffee shop: People have to give you business if you’re going to be able to keep serving a high-quality product to them.

With that in mind, if you haven’t yet pre-ordered Confessions of a Happily Married Man: Finding God in the Messiness of Marriage, head on over to your favorite book dealer’s website and purchase it. My wife and I are really pleased with it and think you will be too.

If you’re looking to find God in the messiness of your marriage, this book is for you.

Thanks in advance!