Check out these podcasts featuring interviews with Raquel and me

If you have enjoyed reading what Raquel and I have written, here’s a chance to hear us share our thoughts and interviews. Enjoy!

[And I also need to apologize: Something happened to the original post that was linked here (“My appearance on a morning show horrified my wife”) and I can’t get it back. It has been so frustrating! But you should definitely check our our podcast interviews below.]

Raquel appeared on the “Mamas in Spirit” podcast with Lindy Wynne, which came out on Friday. Lindy talked with Raquel about her journey from being a woman who has struggled with her identity to a woman who is finding it in Christ. The episode is well worth a listen and you can find it here.


Arlene Pellicane of the “Happy Home” podcast talked with me about letting women in on the kinds of things that are on their husband’s minds. You can listen to the interview here.




John Matarazzo had me on the “Along the Way” podcast to explore what God has been doing “along the way” as I’ve walked out my journey in marriage. You can listen to that interview here.



Dr. Kim Kimberling had me on as a guest on his “Awesome Marriage” podcast to talk about the book. It was a great interview with Dr. Kim, who explored what was behind some of the stories in the book. You can listen to that interview here.