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Godly Single Ladies: You Can Do Better Than This

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What to do if You’re Horrible at Dating

I recently wrote a post called “Three Easy Ways to Ruin a First Date,” which provided advice on how to make a first date want to run away from you and never call back. My suggestions were:

1) Propose (or at least talk about marriage enough to make yourself sound desperate);

2) Overshare negative information about your life and relationships; and/or

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Three Easy Ways to Ruin a First Date

I hate to admit it, but back in my single days, I unnecessarily bungled a number of first dates. And the saddest part was, I didn’t even know I was doing anything wrong. Read more

Face It: You’re His Friendgirl

“If David isn’t interested in me, then I don’t understand why he’s spending all this time with me,” said Allison, an attractive, smart friend in her twenties.

Allison had every reason to be confused.  Her “friend” David was hanging out with her, confiding in her, and he often flattered her.  But at the same time, he could be aloof, he’d never even held her hand, and he only spent time with her when it was convenient for him – basically, he was doing just enough to lead her on. Read more

Beware the Flattering Single Man

It was my first (and only) date with Holly Bond, a smart, attractive, successful woman from my church. The date wasn’t meant to be a romantic overture, and I think we both knew that. Holly and I had been friends for a while, and we got along well, so it only seemed natural to go out to dinner at least once. Read more

How to Win a Woman’s Heart

There was a time during my unmarried years when I griped that the only women who were drawn to me were “old ladies, female relatives and little girls.” I wondered what was wrong with all the eligible bachelorettes who were overlooking me. I should have asked myself what was wrong with me. I might have realized that I was trying so hard to get dating right that I just ended up getting it weird. Read more

How to Meet Your Mate in Roughly 18 Steps

Sometimes when I take my wife out to dinner, I look over, see a couple, and know it’s their first or second date. The signs are all there: the nervous chatter, the stiff posture and the forced laughter that says, “We. Are. Trying. To. Make. This. Work.” I look back on my own sometimes-awkward dating experience, and I don’t envy those folks. Read more

A Suggestion for the Frustrated Single

It was April of 2002. I was single, living alone, and had no prospect of marriage in sight (nor would I for several years). But for some reason, I felt compelled to pick up my journal and write a prayer for my future wife.

I prayed that if she was going through a hard time or making any bad decisions that God would give her the grace to move on and forgive herself. It seemed like the right thing to pray at that moment. Read more

When Dating Isn’t the Problem

I entered my freshman year of college terrified of God and women – especially women. I wasn’t sure if either of them liked me, and I knew I had plenty of flaws that would make both of them want to reject me.

The solution: I decided to abstain from dating. Read more

How I Knew My Wife Was the One

My wife says our first date went well, despite the fact that I nervously interviewed her like I was Barbara Walters.

On the other hand, our second date didn’t go so well because – um, how do I say this – after the concert I took her to a nice, little restaurant called – deep breath – okay, here I go – don’t-judge-me! – McDonald’s – yes, McDonald’s (I promise, there is a somewhat reasonable explanation). Read more