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Posts from the ‘Churchianity’ Category

How to Know the Exact Moment You Were Saved

When I was in college, I lived with the perpetual fear that somehow I had missed the salvation boat, that although I had placed my trust in Jesus, in the end, I would come before God’s throne, and He would shake His head and say, “I’m sorry, but you just thought you were saved.” Read more

A Word of Gratitude to my Vacation Bible School Teachers

To all my Vacation Bible School Teachers:

My girls began attending their first Vacation Bible School yesterday, and throughout the day, I was excited for them.  They’re only five and three, so they can’t really appreciate why I love VBS so much.  But let me make it clear: it’s because of you. Read more

What’s Hard About Being a Worship Leader

I’ve been leading worship at my church since 2007, and let me tell you something: I’m still not quite used to it. Read more

The Duggars Point to a Bigger Problem in the Church

Reality star Josh Duggar is at the center of a scandal this week after a tabloid uncovered the fact that he sexually assaulted five girls when he was 14 (some of the girls were his sisters).  No doubt, this has been the hardest week of Josh Duggar’s life, but I can’t imagine how much harder it has been for his victims. Read more

When Easter Became More than a Service

At some point in my mid-twenties, I got disenchanted with the predictable Easter Sunday ritual.  It just didn’t make sense to me: one Sunday, things were relatively normal; the next Sunday, the crowd doubled in size, we focused on the resurrection of Jesus, everyone was dressed in pastel-colored outfits, and afterward, we did an Easter egg hunt.  I’m not trying to be offensive, but I just felt like it was a cultural ritual that had lost its original focus (at least it had for me). Read more

What My Pastor Did About the Rowdy Kids at our Church

When I started going to my church in May of 2005, we had about 75 people regularly attending, and almost all of them were single.  These days, our church is much larger, thanks in part to the folks who are now married and have kids – lots of them. Read more

Confusing the World with our Fluent Christianese

Last night, I was having a conversation with my neighbor, and all of a sudden, I panicked.

I couldn’t understand him, and I didn’t have the guts to tell him that he wasn’t making any sense.  I politely smiled and pretended I was following him, but I was lost and wanted to wrap up things without me looking stupid.  The problem was, we were speaking Spanish; and he didn’t realize it, but he was talking over my head. Read more

Why I Quit Sunday Services (and Then Came Back)

I vividly remember the last church service I attended before I decided I couldn’t take it anymore. I was sitting with a couple thousand strangers in a megachurch when the thought crossed my mind: Why am I here? I could watch this on the internet. And after the service ended, I walked into the church’s multi-acre parking lot and drove away, never to return to church services again (or so I thought).  Read more

To My Elderly Christian Siblings

Dear Elderly Christian,

I know you don’t like being called elderly, so let’s start with me begging your pardon for not coming up with a better word to describe your current phase of life (it’s better than “old,” right?).  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I need to ask you a favor: please get off the sidelines and get back into the game. Read more

Seven Questions to Ask Yourself Before You Leave a Church

In 2007, my fiancé and I almost left the church I had been a part of for two years. I was happy there, but we had just gotten engaged, and we figured we might be better off if we just started over at a new church.

In retrospect, we weren’t very thoughtful about the whole thing at all – actually, we were pretty much just feeling our way through the decision, which is what I think a lot of people do when they leave churches, and naturally so. Emotions are oftentimes the clearest things in our minds when we’re making these decisions. Read more