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Posts from the ‘Heaven’ Category

Desperately Searching for Christmas

Christmas was missing.  Gone.  I had looked everywhere, and he was nowhere to be found.

“Christmas” is my daughter’s favorite toy – a stuffed dog we bought her on Christmas Eve, just a few days before she was born. Read more

Forgetting that Jesus is Coming Back Soon

The other day, my two-year-old daughter was standing in the kitchen, randomly saying, “Jesus was born, Jesus was born!” So I said, “Jesus died. He rose again, He went to Heaven, and – guess what? He’s coming back to see us!”

As soon as the phrase, “He’s coming back to see us” left my mouth, I winced, reflexively thinking, “I shouldn’t tell her that. She might actually expect Him to come visit sometime soon.” Read more

An Hour-and-a-Half of Brain Cancer

Last Friday afternoon, I got a call from my neurologist’s office. I had recently gotten an MRI, and my doctor’s secretary had called to say my doctor wanted me to see an oncologist. I didn’t know why my doctor wanted me to see a cancer specialist; and unfortunately, the secretary didn’t either.

“Please, if you know what this is about, tell me,” I said.

“I’m really sorry,” she said. “I don’t, but I’ll have the doctor call you back today.” Read more