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Posts from the ‘Trusting God’ Category

5 Things I Learned from Living with an Incurable Illness

Seven years ago, I was having a conversation at a birthday party when I suddenly felt like I was in a dream. My voice felt far off, the room looked two-dimensional, and I couldn’t get my eyes to focus. Fifteen seconds later it stopped, but that episode was only the beginning.

I started having a variety of other bizarre experiences. Sometimes it seemed like I was watching a scratched DVD — other times I would lose my words mid-sentence or forget how to type. Read more

Oh No — My Daughter Learned a Curse Word

The other day my seven-year-old daughter said something I wasn’t expecting: “Daddy, I know a bad word.”

Oh no, I thought, my worst fears about the D.C. school system are already coming true.

“Oh really?” I said casually. “What word did you learn?”

“The S-word.”

I cringed. Read more

Quick Encouragement for Those Who Are Waiting

There are a lot of people out there who are waiting for Big Things and they can’t seem to get a breakthrough. I got the chance to hear from some of those people this week when I shared an essay at Boundless called “So Grateful God Made Me Wait.” Many responded, some whose hearts are aching as they wait, others who are grateful the wait is over. Read more

So Grateful God Made Me Wait

Last year, God finally answered yes to my years-long prayer request for the “Big Thing.”

It doesn’t really matter what the Big Thing was. Maybe it was healing, a financial breakthrough, a reconciled relationship, a job or some other change in circumstance. Whatever it was, my waiting experience was like that of so many other people: a constant fight with the lingering fear that God was punishing me for wanting it too badly. Read more

One Word for People Struggling with Holiday Depression

I’ve always enjoyed the holidays, but as I got older, I began to realize how painful this time of year is for so many. There are so many dashed expectations, so many hurts that we all hide behind the sometimes-fake smiles we force while singing Christmas songs or attending the office party.  Read more

If You Feel Abandoned by God in the Darkness

I went through a long, dark time a few years ago. I prayed that God would end it, that He would set me free from the people and circumstances that vexed me.

He did not. Read more

Video: When Did You Get Saved?

A lot of people struggle with knowing the exact moment they got saved. It seems impossible to figure it out. I wrestled with that for a long time until I found the answer in Scripture. He’s a Facebook video where I talk about that … Read more

Video: A Testimony of Freedom from Fear

I’ve recently experienced a breakthrough with a years-long relationship with fear. The topic pricks a lot of people’s hearts because so many of us live with it, and we don’t even realize it. It’s important to identify it and acknowledge it if we’re going to get free from it.

This is my story of how God has been helping me do that. I shared it in this video on my Facebook page: Read more

Finding Jesus in Three Coloring Sheets

“Color with me, Daddy,” my oldest daughter said.

“I prefer to draw a picture, but I don’t what to draw,” I said.  Read more

Emails from a Satan Impersonator

I was a sophomore in college when I began receiving a series of harassing emails from an unidentified person. Each one was loaded with expletives and insults that cut into my stomach like rusty razors, leaving me with a cold, sick feeling. The worst part was that it was clear that I somehow knew the person, who I assumed was male based on the tone of the emails.  Read more