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Posts from the ‘Writing’ Category

When Platforms Become Stumbling Blocks

For the first few years I wrote my blog, it was the number one source of stress in my life — more than moving to a new state, having two kids, starting a new job, or getting diagnosed with an incurable condition. Read more

Top 10 Blog Posts of 2016

It’s nice to look back on 2016 and see what was interesting to the people who read my blog. Even after writing the blog for seven years, I can never guess what people are going to like. Read more

I Wouldn’t Have Done My Best Without These Folks

This past week, I was sitting in a ballroom of a hotel with other members of the Evangelical Press Association as they were giving out awards in various writing and design categories. I knew that “Where Have All the Beautiful Women Gone?“, which I wrote for Boundless, had been nominated in the category of medium feature length article. But I didn’t have high hopes for it, especially after they announced the articles that received fifth through second places. To my great surprise, however, they named it as the top prize winner in the category. Read more

Six Lessons from Six Years of Blogging

I had no idea what I was signing up for when I began blogging.  I thought you just sat down, wrote several amazing posts, and then six months and ten thousand followers later, you began negotiating a book deal.  Right. Read more

Old Dreams Come Back to Surprise Me

Whenever I visited my Aunt Susan as a kid, I begged her to let me borrow her camcorder so I could produce “TV shows.”  A lot of my productions were my best imitation of NBC’s Today Show.  And during the show, I did things like interview my brother Caleb about the Sears catalog, interview my cousin about the artwork on the wall, or engage in aimless monologues. Read more

The Twitter Conversation that Grew Into Something Bigger

I never figured much could come from a Twitter conversation, but then I tweeted to renowned Japanese artist Makoto Fujimura last April. Read more

If You’re Wondering How I Write So Much

About once a week, I get the same question about my writing: “Where do you find the time to do it so much?” I can tell you this: it ain’t easy. Read more

Prayers Needed: I’m Going to Be Speaking to 150,000 Prisoners

I don’t normally use my blog as a platform to ask people to pray for me, but this is a big deal: I’m getting the opportunity to speak to 150,000 prisoners.  Read more

Before We Speak our Minds on Social Media

Right now, the city of Baltimore is littered with damage from rioters who, for whatever reason, thought violence was an appropriate way to protest the death of a man in police custody.  At the same time, people are littering their Facebook and Twitter news feed with commentary about it.  Some of the statements are more thoughtful, some are less thoughtful, but all of them potentially come with a price. Read more

Blogging is Like Running a Lemonade Stand

On Jan. 8, 2010, I sat down and wrote my first post over at my personal blog, wondering if it might go viral. It did not, but I was undeterred. I figured it would just take some time — you know, six months or so — before the world recognized my talent. I would become a blogging rock star and be on my way to a book deal. Or not. Read more