Hey there — thanks for checking out my website. If you take a look at my essays, posts, and op-ed pieces, you’ll find messages about faith and the way it influences our relationships with each other and God.

My journey to becoming a writer began in 2010 when my first child was born. I found myself wanting to tell strangers about the lessons I was learning every day from being a dad. So I started blogging, kept at it for a long time, and eventually, I got new opportunities to share beyond my blog.

Why I write: Regardless of who’s in the audience, the thing that makes me feel like a success is when people tell me that I’ve helped them see God at work in the ordinary.

Where I’ve appeared: My writing has appeared at FoxNews.com, Washington Post, ChristianityToday.com, Thriving Family, and Boundless.org. I’ve appeared on Fox and Friends, Sunrise (one of Australia’s morning shows), and I’m a regular guest on The Boundless Show. I’ve also received two Evangelical Press Association awards for my writing.

How you can keep up with my writing: If you’d like to see more of my writing, you can check out my Facebook page or follow me on Twitter @MrJoshuaRogers.  You can also subscribe to a spam-free, weekly recap of what I’ve written by clicking here.

How to contact me: If you’re interested in contacting me, use this address: Joshua@JoshuaRogers.com.  I will definitely read your email, but pardon me if I don’t respond. I’ve got a whole lot on my plate as I take care of my family, do my job, and write. I really do appreciate you taking time to reach out though.

Thanks for checking out my writing and God bless you as you seek Him in the ordinary of your life.