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About Me

Hey there — thanks for checking out my website. If you take a look at my essays, posts, and op-ed pieces, you’ll find messages about faith and the way it influences our relationships with each other and God.

My journey to becoming a writer began in 2010 when my first child was born. I found myself wanting to tell strangers about the lessons I was learning every day from being a dad. So I started blogging, kept at it for a long time, and eventually, I got new opportunities to share beyond my blog.

Why I write: Regardless of who’s in the audience, the thing that makes me feel like a success is when people tell me that I’ve helped them see God at work in the ordinary.

Where I’ve appeared: I’m a weekly columnist at Fox News Opinion, and my writing has also been published at the Washington Post,, Thriving Family, and I’ve appeared on Fox and Friends, Sunrise (one of Australia’s morning shows), and I’m a regular guest on The Boundless Show. I’ve also taken home a couple of Evangelical Press Association awards for my writing.

How you can keep up with my writing: If you want to read some of my most popular articles, you can find those here.  You can find my columns for Fox News here. And if you’d like a weekly recap of what I’ve written, you can subscribe here. Thanks for stopping by.