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Stepping out of the shadow of my parents’ divorce

I remember the night my parents split up.

My older brother Caleb came into my bedroom and whispered that Mom and Dad were in the kitchen talking about divorce. We weren’t surprised. Read more

Finding Love After Unspeakable Loss

In 2007, my friend Kevin Harrison was awakened by his only daughter, Beth, who had a piercing headache. After telling Kevin she loved him, she collapsed and died of a brain aneurysm shortly thereafter. No one imagined it could get any worse, but then two years ago, it did.  Read more

Marriage Advice from a Woman Who’s Been Married 50 Years

Last week, I was sitting at the park watching my girls play when I noticed something that piqued my interest: an older woman was affectionately leaning on a man, who I presumed was her husband. Read more

The 3 Unforgettable Words My Wife Said at our Wedding

While I vividly remember many moments from my wedding day, there’s one moment that still moves me, and I hope it always does. Read more

3 Things Men Should Know Before Tying the Knot

When I was single, I wrote a description of the kind of wife I expected to have and the kind of husband I thought I would be. I’m grateful I’ve lost that embarrassing list, but I do recall that many of my expectations centered on three areas: my confidence in instant maturity as a husband, the assumption of a near-perfect sex life and the expectation of non-stop infatuation. Read more

I May Have Witnessed the Beginning of an Affair

The other day, I was flying out of Memphis when an attractive-looking man and woman behind me struck up a conversation that I couldn’t help but hear. At first, they talked about where they were from, their work, and politics. But then things got more personal.  Read more

8 Reasons I Love Being Married to My Wife

Eight years ago today, I did something risky: I got married. To most people, it probably seemed particularly risky in light of the fact that, when my wife and I tied the knot, we had only known each other for nine months.

It was the best decision of my life.

Read more

Five Easy Ways to Ruin Your Marriage

At some point in my mid-thirties, it started happening to young couples around me. Their relationships began fracturing and falling apart, and it wasn’t always the people you would expect.

These were good folks with good intentions who said every word of their marital vows with conviction. But various circumstances and choices began pressing upon them, and eventually, I saw them go through extreme stress, separation, and sometimes, divorce.  Read more

Take a Hard Look in the Mirror — Get a Performance Review from Your Spouse

Last year, I appeared on the Australian morning show Sunrise to talk about the value of doing a “relationship checkup” with your spouse. After the interview, I felt a little uneasy. Read more

A Valuable Lesson on Marriage from a 10-year-old Email

Ten years ago, I had an email exchange with my friend Bethany Greenoe, in which she offered some marital advice to me.  I wasn’t even dating anyone seriously at the time, but her words were so meaningful that I saved the message in my “Memorable Emails” folder.  Read more