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My baby nephew was dying and his mother’s response was unforgettable

My seven-month-old nephew Canaan was dying and nobody knew it, including his doctor, who had misdiagnosed his digestive issues. The real issue was Hirschsprung’s disease, one of the leading causes of death for kids like Canaan, who has Down Syndrome. Read more

Don’t be afraid to ask God for a miracle

Today is the 15th birthday of a young man named Canaan Rogers. This birthday was not supposed to happen.

When Canaan, my nephew, was seven months old, he nearly died because of a doctor’s misdiagnosis of a serious illness. By the time the doctors figured out what was really going on, it was too late. Canaan was all but gone. Read more

God May Be the One Nudging You to Speak

One day last year, I was in a little convenience store in downtown D.C., where I quickly grabbed a drink and headed to the cash register. Three ladies were working, and when I looked at the youngest of the three (in the center of the photo) a simple phrase came into my head and seemed like it was just for her: Don’t settle for less. Read more

God’s Domino Effect Works in All Things

Last week I made an unexpected phone call to an old friend, and five days later, countless thousands of people had heard about the conversation. Read more

God Doesn’t Do Coincidences

Throughout my 20s, one of the biggest sources of stress in my life was the fear that God didn’t really love me and that I would never really know where I stood with Him. At one one point, however, I put His love to the test: I went on a sinning spree that took me further than I wanted to go and convinced there was no way back.   Read more

Yes, Jesus Loves Barrabas

Most of my life, I’ve resented Barrabas, the criminal who got released on Good Friday instead of Jesus, who was sent off to be tortured to death. Now, I’m grateful for his example. Read more

Explaining the Birth of Jesus to the Kids

This morning, my daughters and I were talking about the birth of Jesus, and I was trying to think of a way to capture the wonder of it. I mean, it’s one thing to say “God became a man” – but I wanted them to get it, to grasp how bizarre it was that the God of the universe humbled Himself and moved into the body of a vulnerable baby boy. Read more

Opening our Eyes to See Miracles All Around

The other day, my family and I were driving down the highway when a massive flock of birds rose from a lake and flew over the car, endlessly blanketing the early evening sky.

Read more

The Meaning Behind My Christmas Miracle

Christmas of 2002 was rough for me. I was in law school, and unlike many other students, I had taken out the absolute minimum amount of loans to avoid years of indebtedness after graduation. I was eventually grateful for that, but in the middle of my second semester, I was literally pulling together change to pay for groceries. Read more

The Holy Spirit Literally Opened a Door for My Family Today

The other day, I had a phone conversation with a priest who serves an extremely impoverished population.  He also has a ministry in which he teaches people how to be more aware of themselves and God during their daily lives.

The way we ended up on the phone is so random that it’s not even worth it to explain, but what stood out to me was how joyful, sharp, and engaged he was – especially as he talked about the Holy Spirit.  I admire people who can concretely talk about the Holy Spirit; because although He feels closer than my skin sometimes, at other times, His amorphous nature leaves me feeling a little disconnected from Him as a person. Read more