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Couples leave their wedding receptions, come home, and start going about the day-to-day business of being married. The day in the life of husband and wife often seems unremarkable. But what if there’s something more to the story? What if God is up to something bigger?

Confessions of a Happily Married Man is an invitation for readers to walk through eight key areas of marriage, take a second look at their own stories, and pay attention to the ways God may be at work. I set the example by vulnerably reviewing monumental moments in my relationship with my wife, Raquel (even moments that didn’t seem so monumental at the time).

The stories from my marriage are cringe-worthy, humorous, heart-breaking, and full of wisdom that I’ve learned from others (especially my wife) — but I’m not telling the reader what to do with that wisdom. I’m leading the reader to invite God into his or her own journey. As the reader learns along with me, we gradually become more self-aware together, increasingly grateful for our spouses, and surprised to discover what God has been doing in the middle of it all.

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