Haunted by the Fear of Death

Erin was my best friend in middle school, and God knows I needed one. I was getting bullied at school and lagging behind in my efforts to make friends with the boys in my grade. But she was a better friend—male or female—than most kids ever have. When my parents separated in eighth grade, she was the only person to whom I revealed that I had actually spent a couple of hours crying about it. She told me she felt honored that I trusted her.

After Death, New Life

“Trusting God in the Face of Cancer” shared the first part of Stephanie and Jason Weathers’ faith journey, and it’s already one of the most highly-read posts on this blog.  This week, we conclude their powerful story. Please note that the conclusion of this story is painful, and reader discretion is advised if you know someone who has been removed from life support.  However, beyond the painful details, at its heart, this story is a testament to the God who gives us grace when we are suffering and at our weakest. 

Trusting God in the Face of Cancer

As the regular readers of this blog may know, a few months ago, I was understandably convinced I had brain cancer – that is, for an hour-and-a-half.  During that time period, I was terrified – like never before – as I tried to fathom how life was going to change. My almost-comical ordeal only lasted ninety minutes – Jason Weathers got a real diagnosis of cancer in 2008, resulting in a powerful testimony of God’s grace in the face of a worst-case scenario.  So today I’m going to share the first part of Jason and his wife’s story.

An Hour-and-a-Half of Brain Cancer

Last Friday afternoon, I got a call from my neurologist’s office. I had recently gotten an MRI, and my doctor’s secretary had called to say my doctor wanted me to see an oncologist. I didn’t know why my doctor wanted me to see a cancer specialist; and unfortunately, the secretary didn’t either. “Please, if you know what this is about, tell me,” I said. “I’m really sorry,” she said. “I don’t, but I’ll have the doctor call you back today.”

Hurry Up and Wait

My mother got married at a young age, and she brought a simple dream to that marriage: she wanted to raise four kids. That was pretty much it. Yet six years into marriage, there were no children. For six years, she repeatedly pleaded for God’s mercy, for Him to grant her a child. But in six years, the only child she conceived died in a painful miscarriage.