Thanks for Coming Over

I did it – after four years of chugging along at my rinky-dink Blogger site, I invested some money and a lot of time to start over and build a legitimate author website.  For those of you who have been keeping up with my writing, I want to give you a heads-up on some things that will change, and some things that will stay the same . . .

What will change

Okay, let’s start with the obvious: the name changed.  It is now  More importantly, the amount of content you find here will change.  In the past, I posted one lengthy essay per week.  Now I will post more regularly, and the posts will be a little shorter (I’ll still be writing longer stuff, but not as frequently).

What will stay the same

I’m going to keep writing about the same themes I’ve always written about: clumsy Christian spirituality, parenthood, marriage, singleness, and prayer, to name a few.  And if you’re wondering what happened to all my old posts – I’ve imported all of them here, so feel free to click on “Topics” and browse through my previous content.

Why I’m doing this

There are a lot of reasons, and I can get into those later, but suffice it to say that sometimes God arranges circumstances in such a way to help you realize that it’s okay to start over – in fact, that it may just be a good thing to start over.  So here I go.

Let me know how you like the look and feel of the new website, and thanks for reading.  Happy new year.

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  1. Awesome, Joshua! Congrats on the bold move!


  2. Thanks. I’m not gonna lie – I’m really proud of the website. It took A LOT of work. I totally understand why people pay people wads of cash to do it for them.


  3. Andy Shatley

    Keep forging ahead Josh. I’m behind you. Also several of my friends are now following you because of your perspective on life.


  4. Amanda (Aulds) Sherzer

    This is awesome!!


  5. I’m a new reader and I always find inspiration here– thanks for the great blog, Joshua Rogers, and can’t wait to join you all for the new year 🙂


  6. You’ve chosen a spot-on title, Joshua. Indeed, each of your entries is an invitation to meet God in real life.


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