Rejoice When God Makes You Wait

I’ve had a lot of dreams that came to nothing – at least not when I wanted them to or the way I wanted.  For example . . .

I badly wanted to be married at age 23 (I was 29).

I expected that six months after I started my blog, I would have at least 10,000 readers for every post (the numbers got so depressing in year three that I stopped counting).

I thought I’d be Governor of Mississippi by age 40 (I’m 35, my political involvement is minimal, and I don’t even live in Mississippi anymore).

These are just three examples, but there are plenty of other rewards in life to which I’ve felt entitled, things I’ve felt I needed in order to fulfill my destiny.  And I’ve spent an extraordinary amount of energy trying to force people to give me those rewards and help me prematurely fulfill my destiny.  But thankfully, God has been too kind to let me succeed at that.

God knows that the rewards that people offer would draw me into their very small world and keep me there.  He knows that those rewards would become little gods that I would hold onto for dear life.  And because He has a destiny for me that’s bigger than any lame story this world can write, He makes it impossible for me to be satisfied by anything but His perfect plan – which always seems to involve waiting, waiting, waiting for His perfect timing.

The good news is that when I submit to God and wait on Him, I can rest assured that He will move me toward the destiny He planned for me before I was born.  But He will do it in such a way that my character can support that divine destiny.  And most importantly, above all else, He will reward me with Him – and in the end, I’ll realize that was all I really wanted in the first place.

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  1. Amen. God Bless. Excellent article.


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