God Wants to Color With You

Today, my four-year-old daughter and I colored a house that I drew.  Our work of art isn’t perfect – in fact, we did the clouds in such a way that it looks like the back of the house is on fire.  But whatever – we made it together.  And when we finished, I think I caught a glimpse into how God interacts with His children.

If God is our Father, then I believe He really does enjoy working alongside us, and not just when we’re sharing the gospel or feeding the poor.  I think He likes to join us when we write poems, or work in the yard, or when we get a little satisfaction out of cleaning our garage.

I’ve personally sensed God’s presence during spontaneous moments of creativity or at times when I’m just bringing a little bit of order to my universe.  And during those times, I have a distinct feeling – the same feeling I had when my four-year-old and I made this imperfect drawing this afternoon.  He draws close to me, encourages me, and in some mysterious way, He uses those moments to make me more like Him.

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