Six Reasons I’m Glad I Married My Wife

Dear Honey,

I know it’s a little weird when people fawn all over their spouses on social media – it’s like, what are they trying to prove?  But hey, I can’t judge – Lord knows I’ve done my share of Facebook declarations of love for you, so why stop now?

It’s our sixth anniversary, and in honor of what an awesome wife you are, I’m going to share six reasons I’m glad I married you – one for each year.  And here they are:

  1. You are forgiving.  I’m pretty sure this is your most remarkable quality – at least it has been the most helpful quality for you in being married to me.  Seriously, think about all the disagreements we’ve had where I’ve acted like a jerk and had to apologize.  About 94.7% of the time, you’re just like, “I forgive you.  Thanks for apologizing.”  And then it’s over.  No bitterness, no cold shoulder – just graciousness, a fresh start.  Thank you for that.  It has softened me up a lot and taught me that forgiveness is hard, but it’s a lot easier than carrying around grudges.
  2. You are teachable.  A lot of people hit their thirties and assume that just because they’ve attained a basic level of competence at work or parenting that they don’t need to learn much after that.  Not you.  You’re constantly seeking out wisdom from scripture, books, sermons, mentors, friends and – shoot – even me.  Basically, the fact that you’re teachable says a lot about how humble you are.
  3. You are beautiful.  I’m not just talking about your looks or your personal style when I say this.  You’ve got a warmth and a quiet confidence in Jesus that radiates and enhances the physical beauty that’s already there.
  4. You are a wonderful mother.  I can’t imagine how isolated you must feel sometimes staying home with a couple of toddlers, but you don’t complain, and you stay engaged.  Lord knows how many times you’ve read Are You My Mother? to our daughters or put together that same ABC puzzle.  But as you guide them through their young lives, I’m starting to see both of them reflect some of your best qualities; and you know, I can’t think of any other woman I’d rather see them imitating.
  5. You love to host people.  After six years, our guest book is almost full, and when you look back through the many messages, you see a resounding theme: people felt welcomed and loved in our home.  So much of that has to do with the many hours you’ve spent preparing, cooking, and sharing conversation with friends and strangers who have visited us.  Where many people are protective of the space in their homes, you share it, and you do it in the strength of the Holy Spirit.  And I think that’s a big part of the reason why people feel so much love when they’re here.
  6. You invite Jesus into our home.  God knows how many times I’ve heard you call out to Jesus in the middle of everyday life.  And I know why you do it: because “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks” (Luke 6:45).  Your heart’s cry is for Jesus, and I think His heart is moved every time that cry finds its way to your lips.  He meets you, me, and the girls every day, answering that prayer, and changing us as a family from glory to glory.

You know I could go on, but I’ll stop there and conclude with this: Outside the gift of salvation, you’re the best thing that ever happened to me; and like salvation, I never could’ve done anything to deserve you.  Happy anniversary.

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