You’re More Beautiful to God Than You Know

I have friends who adopted a little girl from another country, and their child has some significant disabilities that require her to wear a brace on her leg. You would think that fitting braces for a child’s leg would not be a difficult thing, but it has actually been a long process that has been debilitating and painful.

What really strikes me is how much my friends unabashedly celebrate their daughter’s victories – especially any new physical accomplishment. For example, one time the mother posted a video of her daughter dancing around the living room to a worshipful song about Jesus. Despite the girl’s struggle to dance while using an uncooperative leg, she beamed while moving as gracefully as she possibly could. And I can tell you this: it was one of the loveliest dances at ever seen in my life. Even now, it moves me.

We have all been adopted into the family of God. We come with imperfections, with brokenness that will take years to rehabilitate. Our journey is painful and embarrassing at times, and it’s easy to feel like we’re the only ones who struggle so much. But when we move in acts of worship – no matter how humble they may be – it is beautiful in our Father’s eyes.

That clumsy attempt to share our faith . . . beautiful.

That decision to do the dishes and not complain to our spouse . . . lovely.

That simple, helpless prayer, “Lord, I believe – help my unbelief” . . . it moves Him.

None of it is perfect, but it is all beautiful. And what makes it beautiful is His love for us, the children He adopted and called lovely before anyone else even noticed us.

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