Old Dreams Come Back to Surprise Me

Whenever I visited my Aunt Susan as a kid, I begged her to let me borrow her camcorder so I could produce “TV shows.”  A lot of my productions were my best imitation of NBC’s Today Show.  And during the show, I did things like interview my brother Caleb about the Sears catalog, interview my cousin about the artwork on the wall, or engage in aimless monologues.

When I played the videos for family members, I watched to see how they responded, listened for laughs, and took note when they got bored.  And with each video I made, they got a little better.

Even as a child, I liked the thought of getting my ideas in front of a big audience to see what would stick.  So I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised that after years of writing, speaking, and sharing my ideas, I finally made my first appearance on a legitimate morning show last weekend.  On Sunday, I appeared on Sunrise, the Australian version of the Today Show, and talked about my recent Fox News article, Yes, Your Spouse Should Give You a Performance Review.

The whole thing was kind of surreal, and on the day of the interview, it dawned on me: You never know what will happen when you combine lifelong dreams with a ton of hard work.  So I would encourage you to listen to the dreams you’ve never let go of – even the ridiculous ones.  And if you’re serious about it, invest the countless hours required to open the doors you’d like to walk through.  You might be surprised what happens.

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  1. At age 56 (yikes) I am finally plunging the depths of my art training and desire to be so good that people will actually want to hang it or possess it, inspired by something more than the subject matter. This is hard. It is hard work and really lonely. So, I get it, thank you!


    1. This is one of my favorite comments anyone has ever put on my blog. Keep going, Becky! It’s a long road, but we’re imitating our Creator when we choose to be creative without the assurance that it will be appreciated.


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