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Posts from the ‘Miracles’ Category

How We Learn from the Holy Spirit

This morning, I was washing dishes and had my back turned to my four-year-old, who was coloring.

“Daddy, I can make a ‘V,'” she said. Read more

Jesus, the Alien Superhero

I have an agnostic friend named Ben who regularly peppers me with politely-antagonistic questions about my faith. For example, the other day, he asked me whether I really believed what the Bible said about Jesus’ life.

Read more

Am I Giving up on Getting Healed?

In 2009, I began experiencing mysterious, migraine-like symptoms that came out of nowhere.  When the symptoms worsened over the course of several weeks, I went to a doctor. Read more

A Little Girl Screamed, God Listened

Last Monday, my friend Paul Perkins was standing on a street corner in Washington, DC, breathing hard and feeling very annoyed.

He had just run after a taxi, which he was afraid was carrying his keys, but the driver didn’t stop when Paul ran after him. Read more

God, Why Did You Freak Me Out?

I wasn’t looking to be freaked out. It was 3:30 a.m., I had been working for over 22 hours, and I had to drive 45 minutes to Starkville, Mississippi. All I wanted was sleep.

While driving down the foggy, pitch-black highway, I turned on a talk radio show where the host was discussing whether kids should play with BB guns. I have a strong opinion on the topic, so when the host invited callers to respond, I picked up my cell phone and called. Read more

Why Hasn’t God Healed Me?

So I’ve been trying to figure out how to write about a non-life-threatening, chronic medical condition I have and its impact on my spiritual journey. But I’ve been avoiding it for months, because I don’t want to publicly share the details of my medical history.

So I came up with a solution: let’s just pretend I’ve got a nail in my head, right under the surface – a nail doctors can’t remove without damaging my brain. Quite frankly, it’s been more annoying than anything – but, believe me, it has been really annoying. Read more

Unfortunate Miracle on the Highway

My father, David, was younger than me when his first wife left him for another man (note: my father’s first wife was not my mother). It was 1974, and the implosion of their marriage was messy, leaving him bitter and questioning his faith.

Sitting in the passenger’s seat as his father drove down the highway, he vented his frustrations and eventually began railing against God. Read more