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Don’t be afraid to ask God for a miracle

Today is the 15th birthday of a young man named Canaan Rogers. This birthday was not supposed to happen.

When Canaan, my nephew, was seven months old, he nearly died because of a doctor’s misdiagnosis of a serious illness. By the time the doctors figured out what was really going on, it was too late. Canaan was all but gone. Read more

A CBS News Report Led to My Answered Prayer

I stared at the TV and fought back tears while watching a CBS news interview with American missionaries Gracia and Martin Burnham, who were haggard, filthy, and appeared to be disoriented.

The couple, who were missionaries in the Philippines, decided to spend one night at a resort to celebrate their 18th wedding anniversary. But that night they were kidnapped by terrorists, and a year later, they were being dragged through the Philippine jungle. One of their fellow hostages had been beheaded.  Read more

5 Things I Learned from Living with an Incurable Illness

Seven years ago, I was having a conversation at a birthday party when I suddenly felt like I was in a dream. My voice felt far off, the room looked two-dimensional, and I couldn’t get my eyes to focus. Fifteen seconds later it stopped, but that episode was only the beginning.

I started having a variety of other bizarre experiences. Sometimes it seemed like I was watching a scratched DVD — other times I would lose my words mid-sentence or forget how to type. Read more

God May Be the One Nudging You to Speak

One day last year, I was in a little convenience store in downtown D.C., where I quickly grabbed a drink and headed to the cash register. Three ladies were working, and when I looked at the youngest of the three (in the center of the photo) a simple phrase came into my head and seemed like it was just for her: Don’t settle for less. Read more

We Didn’t Have Food (but God Came Through)

When I was little, our family hit hard times and we didn’t even have money for groceries. I was just five years old, so I wasn’t sure what was going on — all I knew was that the cabinets were empty. Read more

Blaming God for My Chronic Illness

In 2009, I was at a friend’s birthday party when my vision suddenly became distorted. I could hear and see everyone, but it felt like I was in a dream. About 15 seconds later, I came out of it. I walked over to my friend, who’s a doctor, and tried to describe what happened.

“Maybe you’ve got superpowers,” he said, and we both chuckled. Soon thereafter, I stopped chuckling. Read more

Explaining the Birth of Jesus to the Kids

This morning, my daughters and I were talking about the birth of Jesus, and I was trying to think of a way to capture the wonder of it. I mean, it’s one thing to say “God became a man” – but I wanted them to get it, to grasp how bizarre it was that the God of the universe humbled Himself and moved into the body of a vulnerable baby boy. Read more

I’m Grateful That Lady Forced a Bible on Me

The other day, I arrived at the bus stop where four Asian ladies were indiscriminately passing out New Testament Bibles.  When one of the ladies offered me a Bible, I tried to decline.  But she was insistent, so I tried to change the subject. Read more

Invite Jesus to Rewrite Your Story

Thirteen years ago, I never could’ve imagined telling hundreds of people at a conference that I experienced sexual abuse as a child – much less writing an article about it.  But then again, 13 years ago, I was just beginning the healing process.  Read more

Opening our Eyes to See Miracles All Around

The other day, my family and I were driving down the highway when a massive flock of birds rose from a lake and flew over the car, endlessly blanketing the early evening sky.

Read more