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What Jesus Wants With Your Brokenness

I used to spend a great deal of my time digging in my soul for spiritual brokenness.  I was on a manhunt for sinful motives, ungodly habits, and character flaws – for badness, brokenness, ugliness – all the things I thought kept me from God.  Read more

Five Questions with Shauna Niequist

Shauna Niequist (pronounced Nee-quist) is a writer, mother, wife, and avid reader. She grew up in a Christian home, and after she journeyed away from the church in college, books and authors and stories about other people’s journeys helped her find her way back. The daily joys and challenges of life are the inspiration for her books and blog posts, which she admits don’t fall into any neat categories of Christian writing. Read more

A Lesson in Humility from the DMV Lady

Someday I’m finally going to learn to stop assuming that I always have enough information to judge the people and circumstances in front of me. I’m obviously not there yet, though, as demonstrated by my recent trip to the Washington, DC, DMV. Read more

Some Important Qualities to Look for in a Christian Wife

When I was single, I had a number of qualities I was looking for in a prospective wife, and although I could’ve distilled those qualities into about 19 bullet points, it really wasn’t much more than a vague, disjointed wish list inside my head. Some of the things I was hoping for were reasonable and good, like wanting to have a wife who was serious about her faith; others were far less essential, like hoping she could sing. Read more

Grieving Loss on Facebook

When I signed up for Facebook in 2008, I saw it as a way to connect with old friends and keep up with the self-affirming things everyone was posting about themselves. What I did not expect was that Facebook would become a place where people worked through life-and-death issues. But then Nan Taylor died. Read more

Freedom From Being a Spiritual Hoarder

When I was 16, my mother and step-dad got married and we began packing our things to move into a new house.  At one point, my step-dad came into my room and looked in my closet. Read more

Five Questions with Trevin Wax

As a part of the Five Questions series at, I recently interviewed Trevin Wax, who, at age 33, has written four books, including a novel. Not only that, he writes Kingdom People, one of the most popular Christian blogs in the English-speaking world; he is a sought-after public speaker, and he is the managing editor of The Gospel Project, a small group curriculum for all ages.  Read more

The Reason Your In-Laws Don’t Like You

A couple of years ago, I was talking to a young woman who was very upset because she had gotten engaged and discovered that her future in-laws were not particularly interested in being related to her.

As she shared her experience, it was hard to believe that these adults, who were otherwise decent people, could be so socially tone deaf, so oblivious to their own unkind words and actions.  She wanted to know how she could fix it, how she could make them accept her; but the sad fact was that there was probably nothing she could do but ride it out. Read more

Why Can’t We Take a Compliment?

I took an etiquette class several years ago in which the instructor told us that compliments must never be specific, because they already embarrass people as it is.  The embarrassment only increases with the specificity of the compliment.  This is not good for me. Read more

For the Life of the World: The Best Christian Film Series I’ve Ever Seen

I’ll shoot straight with you: I really struggle with a lot of Christian movies, music and TV shows that try to teach biblical truths. A lot of it is so heavy-handed that it only appeals to evangelical audiences looking for an altar call at the end, or it’s so seeker-friendly that it’s not much deeper than the theology you might find in a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Read more


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