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Still Holding Onto this Gift, 26 Years Later

When I was ten years old, my family and I did something that was rare for us: we went on vacation.  During that weeklong trip, someone gave me a gift; and believe it or not, I’m still holding onto it today.  I’ll never let it go. Read more

The Life-changing “Drop Box”

A review of the award-winning film, The Drop Box, about South Korean Pastor Lee Jong-rak, who rescues unwanted babies with the help of a box installed outside his church.

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One of the Most Important Things You Can Do for Your Future Spouse

Bickering our Way to a Better MarriageIt was my first year of law school, and I was single. I wanted to be married, but it didn’t matter. I was spending 12 hours a day in class or in the library, so there wasn’t any real chance of my getting to know anyone. Read more

Opening our Eyes to See Miracles All Around

The other day, my family and I were driving down the highway when a massive flock of birds rose from a lake and flew over the car, endlessly blanketing the early evening sky.

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Singing the Song God Taught You

The other day, my three-year-old daughter was holding her baby doll and shushing it, using the same little rhythm over and over again.  I didn’t notice it at first, but then it hit me – it was the tune of “Jingle Bells.”

No way, I thought.

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Five Questions with Bestselling Author Philip Yancey

Philip Yancey is one of the best-selling evangelical Christian authors in recent history, selling over 15 million books worldwide that have been translated into 35 languages. Part of the beauty of his story is that God was able to make him an influential voice in the Christian community despite the fact that he actually abandoned his faith as a young adult. Philip says it was largely a reaction to his early, toxic church experience in which he says God was presented as “a scowling Supercop, searching for anyone who might be having a good time—in order to squash them.” Read more

Five Lessons from Five Years of Blogging

Five years ago today, I published my first blog post on a rinky-dink website I called Spiritual Klutz.  That post was a little essay called “Fatherhood Hits Me Upside the Head,” which I managed to write in spite of the grogginess and exhaustion of being a new dad.

In the 1,825 days that have passed since then, I’ve posted hundreds of blog posts, Facebook status updates on my page, and a few tweets; and I’ve learned some valuable lessons in the process.  Here are five of them that I’m happy to share with my fellow bloggers: Read more

Five Questions with Twitter Rockstar Sammy Rhodes

Sammy Rhodes is a husband, dad, writer, and college pastor with Reformed University Fellowship at the University of South Carolina. Yet somehow, in the midst of doing all of that, he became a Twitter rockstar. It all happened because of Sammy’s uncanny ability to generate funny quips in 140 characters or fewer (not to mention his popularity with some prominent followers like Rainn Wilson from The Office). Read more

Destroying Your Marriage is Easier Than You Think

It’s amazing how quickly unintended destruction can happen to a home.

A few years ago in my hometown, a family was shooting bottle rockets in front of their house on New Year’s Eve.  Someone lit a rocket and accidentally tipped the bottle over.  The rocket shot out, flew through the open door, and into the Christmas tree.   Read more

Taking a Pass on New Year’s Guilt

If you’re anything like me, just the thought of a new year’s resolution provokes a sense of dreaded guilt – the feeling that you’re only doing it because you’ve already failed in the previous year, and you’re going to end up failing in the next one anyway.

I’m thinking this is not one of those things Jesus was talking about when he was talking about coming to give us abundant lives (John 10:10). Read more


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