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Remembering Father God at the Ironing Board

Although I hate ironing, I went on a wild ironing spree this past Sunday afternoon.  Read more

I Don’t Enjoy Every Moment with My Kids (and That’s OK)

It was Christmas of 1984, and my mother crammed my three older siblings and me into a compact car and took us to Arkansas to celebrate the holiday.  I vaguely remember it – my mother, on the other hand, remembers it quite clearly.  Apparently, it was pretty rough. Read more

7 Signs You Were Raised as an Evangelical in the Last 25 Years

The last 25 years have been monumental for the evangelical subculture — it was a time in which we saw the explosive growth of megachurches, the prominence of the True Love Waits campaign, and the end of dc Talk. Read more

The Reason We Aren’t Aware of our Blind Spots

The other day, I was backing up in a parking lot and saw a woman walking in the direction of my car. I kept going, figuring she would stop, but she didn’t.  In fact, she gave me the stinky face in my rearview mirror as I put on my brakes and waited for her to pass. Read more

The Article I Wrote for 150,000 Prisoners

This month, 150,000 prisoners will receive a newsletter called Inside Journal, which is a ministry of Prison Fellowship.  In that newsletter is a story called “A Secret No One Knows,” and it’s about a man who spent years hiding his secret of sexual abuse.  I was that man, and although it’s not easy to tell my story, I’m praying God will use it to help set prisoners free from shame. Read more

How to Know the Exact Moment You Were Saved

When I was in college, I lived with the perpetual fear that somehow I had missed the salvation boat, that although I had placed my trust in Jesus, in the end, I would come before God’s throne, and He would shake His head and say, “I’m sorry, but you just thought you were saved.” Read more

The Reason I Endorsed “The Dating Manifesto”

Let me share a dirty little secret from the publishing world: There are some people who write endorsements for books without reading them.  I am not one of those people. Read more

Something I’m Grateful My Parents Forced Me to Do

“Joshua!  Caleb!  Get out here quick!”

Although it has been over two decades since I heard my parents yelling those words from the backyard of our rental home in rural south Mississippi, I still remember them fondly.   Read more

The Twitter Conversation that Grew Into Something Bigger

I never figured much could come from a Twitter conversation, but then I tweeted to renowned Japanese artist Makoto Fujimura last April. Read more

We Can’t Forget What We Saw Today

People talk about the gay rights movement, and they remark how the TV show “Will & Grace” was the cultural turning point in that battle.  I’m beginning to think that, with these undercover Planned Parenthood videos, the pro-life movement is having its own, viral “Will & Grace” moment. Read more


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