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What We Do to Ruin the Moment

I used to be convinced I was going to spend the rest of my life in Venezuela.

I had a number of friends there, I loved the culture, and the gorgeous Venezuelan ladies treated me like a celebrity when I visited during my junior year of college.  So when I got back from my visit, I spent an inordinate amount of time talking about my plans for moving.  And my poor mother was one of the main victims of my endless diatribes about the new life I thought I wanted. Read more

Saying Goodbye Wasn’t Part of the Plan

One time I agreed to go tubing down a river with a bunch of friends, thinking it would be something akin to whitewater rafting.

It wasn’t.

We basically just sat in inner-tubes for several hours and took a slow-moving ride down a shallow river.  It sounds easy enough, and generally it is, but the hard part is keeping up with all your friends. Read more

Why I Left Facebook—Only to Return Eight Months Later

There’s no denying Facebook brings out our worst insecurities. Here are some suggestions for how to use it without allowing it to interfere with your lifeand happiness.

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Learning What You’re Really Like is Priceless (But Painful)

I still remember the night my friend Aaron suggested I interview three people to learn what kind of impact I had on them. I was in a men’s accountability group, and no one other than Aaron seemed enthusiastic about our doing it.

I was especially uncomfortable when I looked at the interview questions, realized they were designed to elicit mostly-negative responses, and saw one question that was particularly pointed: What do you observe about my life that you find distasteful?

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The Reason You’re Not Married (Might Be Looking You in the Mirror)

If you wonder why nobody seems to be the right fit, maybe it’s time to ask what you expect in a spouse and how realistically you’re assessing yourself.

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Every Child Needs a “Miss Anne”

We’re in the middle of packing our things to move to Washington, DC, and as you can imagine, doing that with a two and four-year-old is pretty challenging.  But yesterday, a lady whom I only know as “Miss Anne” made life a whole lot easier for us and the kids.

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Boys, Please Don’t Leave My Daughter Waiting

My four-year-old daughter has a crush on the next door neighbor’s young son, Carson, who’s six. The other day, she was playing in the front yard with him when I looked out the window and noticed that she was standing at the edge of the yard by herself. I didn’t think anything of it. Read more

Time to Purge that Emotional Baggage

My wife and I are in the process of moving to Washington, DC, right now, and I’ve got to tell you, one of the most freeing things about moving is purging. Read more

What Angry Driving Teaches Me About Jesus

One of the sure signs I’m not in a good place with Jesus is when I feel myself becoming an angry driver – I’m serious.

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Five Signs You’re Dating a Fixer-Upper

Recently, I wrote a post on Boundless in which I compared dating to the process of purchasing a home, and I warned readers about the dangers of settling on a “fixer-upper,” that is, “someone who look[s] perfect at first, but upon closer inspection, his or her life is falling apart.” I explained that although these folks “promise to ‘fix it all’ (with your help and a little bit of time),” deep inside, you realize that “you’re involved with a big mess that’s going to take over your life, cost you a great deal, and leave you wishing you had just kept looking.”

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