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One Way to Stop an Argument with Your Spouse

The other night, I was on my way out the door to go to a church men’s group, and I told my wife I didn’t know how to get there.  She gave me directions to the house, which was located in another part of D.C.  I repeated the directions back to her, and then I got in the car and drove away.  But then one block later, I realized I didn’t have my cell phone with me. Read more

You Never Know What Will Happen When You Say Thanks

Four and a half years ago, someone gave my newborn daughter a paperback book called Let it Snow.  I’ve probably read it several hundred times since then, in part because we had another child who loved the book as much as my oldest daughter. Read more

A Tornado Did Not Rip Through Washington, D.C., Last Week

Last week, the wind tore through my neighborhood in northwest D.C., taking down a large limb behind my house and damaging a power line.  It wasn’t anything close to a tornado, but if it had been, I have no doubt that some well-meaning preacher would’ve gone on national television the next day to explain why it happened. Read more

What My Daughter Said When I Asked How She Felt

My youngest daughter, who is three, is affectionate, smart, and perceptive – but at the same time, she’s a major handful sometimes.  She’s getting better, but over the course of her three years of life, she has been known to do things like . . .  Read more

So You Got Robbed at Church – Now What?

On Sunday, I was taking my daughters downstairs to their Sunday School class when I passed a couple of women on their way up to the sanctuary.  One of the two women was looking down; the other was holding her arm and whispering into her ear.

It seemed odd to me, but I was most concerned that the visitors feel comfortable; and I just assumed that the woman looking down had a disability or something.  She didn’t. Read more

How God Told Me to Go to Law School

It was my senior year of college, and I wasn’t sure what I was going to do with my life. So I began asking for advice from trusted mentors, and one suggested that I go to law school. Although I initially balked at the idea, after I did some research, law seemed like a good fit for me — I had a knack for writing, analysis and oral argument (just ask my mother). But the problem was that I had originally planned to become a missionary after college, so I felt uneasy with the idea of pursuing a career that would bring worldly success. Read more

Eating Just Got Really Spiritual for Me

I’m a little embarrassed to admit it, but I’m a fast eater.  Regardless of whether it’s a garden salad or a filet mignon, once I get my hands on my utensils, I start cutting, sticking, and scooping up food at a steady pace.  I politely shove it into my mouth and swallow, and then I either move onto the next bite or start multitasking.  Read more

I Let Go of Fear, My Daughter Sees Angels

The other night at bedtime, I was about to pray for my youngest daughter, but I stopped myself. Read more

What to do With the Things You Hate About Yourself

Back in 2008, I followed the advice of a dear friend and interviewed a few people about the impact my life had on them.  The interview questions were designed to illicit mostly negative responses, and boy, did they ever. Read more

The Holy Spirit Literally Opened a Door for My Family Today

The other day, I had a phone conversation with a priest who serves an extremely impoverished population.  He also has a ministry in which he teaches people how to be more aware of themselves and God during their daily lives.

The way we ended up on the phone is so random that it’s not even worth it to explain, but what stood out to me was how joyful, sharp, and engaged he was – especially as he talked about the Holy Spirit.  I admire people who can concretely talk about the Holy Spirit; because although He feels closer than my skin sometimes, at other times, His amorphous nature leaves me feeling a little disconnected from Him as a person. Read more


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