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How to Handle the Emotional Garbage that Comes with the Limelight

Almost five years ago I sat down in front of my laptop and began writing my first blog post. I had never blogged before, and I didn’t read blogs very much – I just wanted a public outlet to share some of my thoughts about marriage, parenting, and God. I was not prepared for how much of a blessing and a burden the whole thing would become.
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What I Learned About Singleness From Attending a Mormon Church Service

A few years ago, I had a Mormon friend who invited me to attend a service at his church (also known as a “ward”). I had visited a Mormon church service in high school, so I knew what to expect — or so I thought. Read more

Your Insecurities are Making You Weird

I’m embarrassed to admit it, but I’ve got this funky habit that has created more awkward moments than I care to admit.   Read more

The Reason I Don’t Want to Pray for People Who Get on My Nerves

The other day, my wife and I were driving down a two-lane road in the country when we got stuck behind a big ol’ Mack truck that was stuck behind a slowly-moving tractor.  We figured we would be in for a long wait – we did not anticipate, however, that we were about to watch a truck driver nearly kill somebody. Read more

How We Respond When We Can’t Handle Success

Recently, I had a string of little victories, and they proved to be surprisingly difficult to enjoy.  A little background will probably be helpful. Read more

Father God, Grace, and Messy Potty Breaks

Today, my family and I were out in public when my youngest daughter suddenly said, “I need to go potty, I need to go potty, I need to go potty.”  After a brief negotiation between my wife and me over who would take responsibility for hunting down a bathroom, I took my daughter by the hand and walked a couple of blocks until I found a potty – but it was too late. Read more

An Open Letter to Elderly Christians

Dear Elderly Christian,

I know you don’t like being called elderly, so let’s start with me begging your pardon for not coming up with a better word to describe your current phase of life (it’s better than “old,” right?).  Now that we’ve got that out of the way, I need to ask you a favor: please get off the sidelines and get back into the game. Read more

Family Members Are Kind of Like Messy Salad Bar Customers

The other day, I was at this salad bar where they had one of my favorite salad ingredients: chopped, boiled eggs.  They had a small teaspoon that made it really difficult to get out as much egg as I wanted, so I decided to pick up the whole container and turn it slightly sideways to make it go faster.

Let me tell you something: it worked.  About three quarters of the eggs dumped onto the floor, right in the middle of the busiest hour for the little restaurant, which only had two employees working.  And when I got the attention of the cashier and told her what I had done, it felt like I had messed my pants and was asking her to help me clean up. Read more

The Glorious Frustration of Being Married

Before I got married, I drove however fast I wanted and took whatever route I wanted. Granted, on my way to wherever I was going, I also had a knack for running late because of my propensity to get lost. And although I hate to admit it, even now my inner compass doesn’t function like the other people out there who have an unexplainable good sense of direction. One of those other people is my wife, and it wasn’t long into our relationship before she figured out that when it came to finding our way around unfamiliar areas, she and her man were unequally yoked. Read more

We Think We’re Going to Live Forever – Because We Are

Tonight, I was on my way upstairs to go to bed when I noticed a little army of ponies, dollhouse family members, and plastic toy accessories lined along the bottom step.  One of my little girls had placed them there very deliberately, so I decided to leave them, rather than clean them up. Read more


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