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That Time I Got Hit By a Car Was Great (for All the Wrong Reasons)

One morning when I was in eleventh grade, I was walking through the school parking lot with Jamie Walker when all of sudden, I saw a big, black Buick Regal come around the corner.  It was headed straight for me. Read more

Hiding our Mess from God’s Love

The other night, I thought I heard something break upstairs in the girls’ bathroom, but I decided to keep a low profile until there were further developments.  I figured that one of the girls would let me know if I was needed for a cleanup.  Then I heard something at the top of the stairs.  It sounded two little steps. Read more

What My Pastor Did About the Rowdy Kids at our Church

When I started going to my church in May of 2005, we had about 75 people regularly attending, and almost all of them were single.  These days, our church is much larger, thanks in part to the folks who are now married and have kids – lots of them. Read more

The Kind of Parent I Want to Be

As my little kids get older, I’m reflecting more on what my mother did right in raising me.  And you know something I appreciate about her parenting style?  She did not corner me.

There were times when I wasn’t being my best self, or I was hiding something, or I was struggling with something that I didn’t want to talk to her about – and I knew that she knew it.  Read more

Five Questions with Gold Medalist David Boudia

When David Boudia (pronounced Bo-DIE-ah) competed in the 2008 Olympics at age 21, he thought he had everything he wanted. He was on his way to representing the United States well in Beijing, but then he failed to get a medal in either the synchronized or individual diving events. After David came home and started college, he sunk into a deep depression that eventually led him to look for answers that were bigger than his diving career. Read more

Watching the Lady at UPS in Wonder

Last night, I traveled to the UPS Customer Service Center, where I had the opportunity to witness how quickly frustrated adults can start acting like children. Read more

The Thing We Can’t Afford to Hate

I hated riding the bus when I was a kid.

It wasn’t just that I barfed one of the many times I got carsick – it was being crowded in there with a bunch of sweaty kids, riding for 45 minutes, and hearing the elderly bus driver scream, “Jennicka!!” at this little girl who was always causing trouble. Read more

Is Porn Killing Men’s Desire for Marriage?

According to a recent study by the Barna group, at least 70 percent of single, self-identified Christian men view pornography on a monthly basis. Many Christian women probably look at this statistic and fear being stuck with a husband who’s more aroused by his smartphone than her. But I’m more worried many of these men will never get married at all. Read more

My Three-year-old Knows How Jesus Felt

The other morning, I decided to read the crucifixion story to my two little girls, hoping they would somehow understand how serious and heartbreaking it was.  Although you’d think that would be hard for a three and a five-year-old, kids can surprise you. Read more

I Want to Relive My Rehearsal Dinner

I’ll be frank: when my mom first shared her zany idea for my wedding rehearsal dinner, I had my doubts.

She had this idea that since I’m a lawyer, she would go with a courtroom theme.  She would play the judge, and my fiancee and I would have to call “witnesses” to prove that we really should get married.  You can imagine how weird and awkward this could have gotten, but it didn’t. Read more


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