For the Life of the World: The Best Christian Film Series I’ve Ever Seen

I’ll shoot straight with you: I really struggle with a lot of Christian movies, music and TV shows that try to teach biblical truths. A lot of it is so heavy-handed that it only appeals to evangelical audiences looking for an altar call at the end, or it’s so seeker-friendly that it’s not much deeper than the theology you might find in a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Recently, however, I stumbled across the trailer for the film series, For the Life of the World, and I was intrigued. It not only looked cool — almost too cool — it purported to be a series about how the Gospel relates to things like love, creative service, order, wisdom and wonder (that’s a tall order).

Out of curiosity, I downloaded the seven-part series and quickly got sucked into the films, which are beautifully shot and edited explorations of what it means to live out our salvation in a broken world. The films are hilarious at times, tear-jerking at others, and they manage to dive deeply into theology and philosophy in a way that’s child-like, without being condescending or childish. In the end, though, I suppose the most remarkable thing was how the series helped me fall in love with the Gospel in a way that I hadn’t since that awesome spaceship-themed Vacation Bible School at Calvary Baptist Church when I was in fifth grade.

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