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The Reason I Endorsed “The Dating Manifesto”

Let me share a dirty little secret from the publishing world: There are some people who write endorsements for books without reading them.  I am not one of those people. Read more

The Life-changing “Drop Box”

A review of the award-winning film, The Drop Box, about South Korean Pastor Lee Jong-rak, who rescues unwanted babies with the help of a box installed outside his church.

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For the Life of the World: The Best Christian Film Series I’ve Ever Seen

I’ll shoot straight with you: I really struggle with a lot of Christian movies, music and TV shows that try to teach biblical truths. A lot of it is so heavy-handed that it only appeals to evangelical audiences looking for an altar call at the end, or it’s so seeker-friendly that it’s not much deeper than the theology you might find in a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Read more

I Never Thought I Would Read a Book Like This

I have a confession to make: before my wife and I had children, I didn’t read one parenting book.  I know, I know – I’m such a bad father.  However, believe it or not, three years after the birth of my youngest child, I finally read a book for new parents, and the reason is simple: the author interviewed me for it and included a couple of essays I’ve written.  So basically, I read the book to see how I sounded in it.

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Review: Why Naked Women Look So Good

Ladies, I’m going to let you in on a little secret: your husband isn’t going to read that marriage improvement book you’re giving him for Father’s Day.  He’s going to find the chapter on sex, read it carefully, and – if you’re lucky – skim the rest.  Author Bill Perkins obviously understands this, and he has successfully written a book about marriage that will keep your husband interested from cover to cover.  How?  The theme of the entire book, Why Naked Women Look So Good, is female nudity. Read more

Review: Blue Like Jazz (The Movie)

I was a little afraid when I went to a screening of Blue Like Jazz, the new movie based on the Christian bestseller of the same name.  I’ve seen my share of Christian-themed movies before, and a lot of them feel like poorly-edited Lifetime movies starring folks from the local dinner theater.  Moreover, unlike real life, nobody curses – not even cops or drug dealers – sexuality doesn’t exist, and all the main characters get saved or rededicate their lives to Jesus in the end.

Blue Like Jazz breaks that mold in many ways. Read more