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The Reason I Endorsed “The Dating Manifesto”

Let me share a dirty little secret from the publishing world: There are some people who write endorsements for books without reading them.  I am not one of those people. Read more

The Life-changing “Drop Box”

A review of the award-winning film, The Drop Box, about South Korean Pastor Lee Jong-rak, who rescues unwanted babies with the help of a box installed outside his church.

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For the Life of the World: The Best Christian Film Series I’ve Ever Seen

I’ll shoot straight with you: I really struggle with a lot of Christian movies, music and TV shows that try to teach biblical truths. A lot of it is so heavy-handed that it only appeals to evangelical audiences looking for an altar call at the end, or it’s so seeker-friendly that it’s not much deeper than the theology you might find in a movie on the Hallmark Channel. Read more

I Never Thought I Would Read a Book Like This

I have a confession to make: before my wife and I had children, I didn’t read one parenting book.  I know, I know – I’m such a bad father.  However, believe it or not, three years after the birth of my youngest child, I finally read a book for new parents, and the reason is simple: the author interviewed me for it and included a couple of essays I’ve written.  So basically, I read the book to see how I sounded in it.

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