Stop Saying “I Feel Like …” to Spiritualize Your Desires

One time, we had this cable guy over to our house, and I really liked him — at first. He was doing everything he could to figure out why we couldn’t get the Internet to work, and while he did, he talked a lot about Jesus. But then things got weird.

We joined my wife, Raquel, in the living room, and shortly thereafter, he began prophesying over her — telling her all these things he could allegedly see in her and what she had to do if she really wanted to hear from God. It seemed strange to me to have this guy who barely knew either of us begin speaking into my wife’s life in such an unsolicited and intimate way.

After he left, I told Raquel I regretted not stopping him and saying I thought he was out of line. But I probably got sucked into tolerating his speech because of three magical words: “I feel like … ”

If you’ve spent much time in an evangelical church, you’ve probably heard “I feel like” in a number of quasi-spiritual ways which may include:

“I feel like God is saying …”

“I feel like God wants me to …”

“I feel like God is telling me to …”

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