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Posts tagged ‘religiousness’

Heartbroken for the little girl on the metro

An eight-year-old girl broke my heart on the metro last year. Her name was Briana. Read more

Here’s Why I Regret Mocking Megachurches

Several years ago, I attended a church retreat during which I wrote and performed a skit that I now regret. It was basically a stand-up routine in which I played the part of a megachurch pastor, and to be fair, it wasn’t all bad.

Some of the skit was just gentle ribbing of big, seeker-sensitive churches. But there were other parts that included not-so-subtle backhanded insults and biting sarcasm. Those parts got the biggest laughs from my audience, and therefore, I considered the skit to be a big success. Read more

Healing the Wounds of Segregation in the Church

During my junior year at the University of Southern Mississippi, I invited a Yugoslavian student to a campus worship service that was organized by my church, which was predominately white. After the meeting, we were talking in the hallway, and he noticed a group of mostly black students meeting across the hallway. Then he asked something that caught me off guard.

“Why do the white Christians and the black Christians meet separately?” Read more

Stop Saying “I Feel Like …” to Spiritualize Your Desires

One time, we had this cable guy over to our house, and I really liked him — at first. He was doing everything he could to figure out why we couldn’t get the Internet to work, and while he did, he talked a lot about Jesus. But then things got weird. Read more

Go Ahead and Ask God for Something Really Small

The night before my wedding as I was drifting to sleep, I decided to ask God for a small favor.  Read more

The Reason I’m Not Going to Hell

When I was in my 20s, I was obsessed with the fear that I was not actually saved — that my so-called “faith” was nothing but an elaborate web of self-deception that would end in eternal damnation. Read more

How I Hear God’s Voice

I can hardly stand to read my journal entries from my college years — it stresses me out. I was an extremely zealous Christian, and although I was genuinely seeking to follow Jesus, I got a little sidetracked during my freshman year.
Read more

The Reason People Don’t Understand our Attempts to Share the Gospel

I am conversationally fluent in Spanish, but under the right circumstances, speaking Spanish can be scary for me. Read more

How We Know a Ministry Isn’t Focused on Jesus

Well, I learned my lesson: If you want to tick off a bunch of people and lose some subscribers of your personal blog, write a post that encourages readers to appreciate the positives in a church like Hillsong NYC. Read more

How a GQ Article Changed my View of Hillsong

I didn’t expect an article from GQ magazine about a megachurch to get me choked up, but recently, it did. Read more