The Holy Spirit Literally Opened a Door for My Family Today

The other day, I had a phone conversation with a priest who serves an extremely impoverished population.  He also has a ministry in which he teaches people how to be more aware of themselves and God during their daily lives.

The way we ended up on the phone is so random that it’s not even worth it to explain, but what stood out to me was how joyful, sharp, and engaged he was – especially as he talked about the Holy Spirit.  I admire people who can concretely talk about the Holy Spirit; because although He feels closer than my skin sometimes, at other times, His amorphous nature leaves me feeling a little disconnected from Him as a person.

Towards the end of the conversation, the priest said something that will probably stick with me for years, even though I doubt he was trying to make a profound point.

He said, “It has been such a pleasant surprise to meet you today.  I find that the Holy Spirit often works in surprises, so when a conversation like this happens, I usually sense He’s up to something.”

I think the idea moved me because it gave me a concrete way to engage with the Spirit – and even better, it gave me a way to be aware of the ways He’s trying to engage with me.  So I’ve been keeping my eye open for little surprises, wondering what ways the Author of all life might show up in mine.  I think I got one of those surprises today.

A few months ago, I prayed that God would open the door to relationships with Spanish-speakers, because I want my daughters to grow up around the language and Latin culture (my wife is Puerto Rican, and we both speak Spanish).  Well, my garage door was acting up today, so I asked my handy neighbor to come over and take a look at it.  We opened the garage door to test it, and moments later, this El Salvadoran mom and her two kids came walking through the alley to which the garage door opens.

The woman’s kids ran into my yard, speaking Spanish, and they started playing with my daughters.  Then the mom and I started chatting it up in Spanish, and it turns out that they live right down the street.  Before the conversation wrapped up, she said she wanted to meet my wife and bring her kids over again to play the next day.

After that little interaction, I’ve got to admit, I felt loved.  I mean, seriously, people – I asked the Lord to open the door to relationships with Spanish-speakers, and He literally opened the door to my garage so I could meet this Spanish-speaking mom whose kids are looking for some friends to play with during the day.

So yeah, I’d say we got a surprise from the Holy Spirit today.  I can’t help but wonder what He’ll do tomorrow.

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  1. This is a great story. God loves to work in our lives in ways we don’t notice, but in this case, it’s hard not to note it’s Him arranging things. I love it!


  2. Good that you noticed it too ….and THAT too is the Holy Spirit at work IN you….thanks for sharing this event….

    I was at my first homeschool convention and feeling a lot overwhelmed not just by the multitude of choices but even the heat and the fact I had not eaten nor drunk anything the whole time there on the day I was loading up with all kinds of stuff for the school year. Being a new homeschool mom and alone I did not really know what to pick , so I bought a lot of stuff to go over at home.

    My husband did not attend with me sadly so I was struggling in the heat and with both arms ‘too full’ of heavy materials. I prayed “Lord please send me some help to my car, In Jesus Name and let YOU be glorified’ …

    Almost immediately a man’s voice came from behind me and said ” Do you need some help with your books? ‘

    Almost in knee jerk fashion I said ” Oh no..I ‘m OK!”

    ARGH! ….Almost as quickly I said ” Oh yes! I had JUST prayed for some help and I can’t believe I so easily slipped in to that mode , must the same was we might greet someone saying ‘how are you? ” and then not even wait to hear a reply! it is just a ‘thing’ we do.

    Well we both had a laugh at this and he helped me to my car and we shared more things of our walk with the Lord in the meantime.

    How funny we are sometimes when God answers our request and we are slow to actually recognize it !

    I commend you and am thankful you saw this as it was …an answer to your prayers request….Thank you Jesus for our wonderful testimony your work in our lives is building for your glory and our good!!!


    1. When we are operating in an attitude of gratitude, our eyes can’t help but see God at work.



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