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Posts tagged ‘Holy Spirit’

The Horse the Spirit Rides

I can’t picture the Holy Spirit. I want to, but I just can’t.

Now Jesus is different — I can see Him in my imagination: a Middle Eastern man with black hair, a beard, and smile wrinkles on His face (there are probably scars on His face too). Read more

God Isn’t Just in Your Heart

I have this one childhood memory that used to haunt me. When I was in first grade, a careless adult did a great deal of damage with very little effort and it seemed like the hurt from that incident couldn’t be undone.  Read more

God May Be the One Nudging You to Speak

One day last year, I was in a little convenience store in downtown D.C., where I quickly grabbed a drink and headed to the cash register. Three ladies were working, and when I looked at the youngest of the three (in the center of the photo) a simple phrase came into my head and seemed like it was just for her: Don’t settle for less. Read more

How to Effectively Alienate People with Evangelism (Updated with an Apology)

A massive evangelistic event was afoot in Washington, D.C. There was all-day activity, preaching, and Christian contemporary music. And there were Christians, lots of Christians.

I stepped onto the Metro one night after work, and I soon realized some of the attendees of the event were on the train. In addition to looking like fanny-pack tourists, they were wearing Christian-themed t-shirts. Two middle-aged women in the group were quietly talking about their strategy for sharing their faith with strangers on the train…. Read more

My Unborn Child is Preaching the Gospel

My wife is seven months pregnant, and we’re getting into that phase of pregnancy where something as simple as moving around can be challenging for her. I have no idea what she’s going through, and this pregnancy is showing me that I’m similarly incapable of understanding God’s work in saving us.

Read more

A Tough Bible Verse to Inspire Shutting Up

Here’s a tough memory verse for all of us social media users: “If anyone thinks he is religious and does not bridle his tongue but deceives his heart, this person’s religion is worthless” (James 1:26).


Whoa. Read more

The One Thing You Can Always Pray

Whenever I’m anxious, I often feel paralyzed and unable to pray. In those moments, I remember two elderly women who taught me a simple way to connect with God. Read more

Opening the Door to those Painful Memories

I used to work in an office that had layers upon layers of dysfunctional relationships, and the only effective way to avoid the drama was to go work somewhere else.  Almost everyone eventually did leave; but while they were there, they had to put up with being in a place where once-reasonable adults openly hurled insults, undermined each others work, and maliciously spread gossip.  It was traumatizing for a lot of the folks who survived it. Read more

Jesus Loved Barabbas, This I Know

When I was in my 20s, I intensely struggled with a sense of unworthiness before God; yet at the same time, I felt like I was just good enough to deserve His love because I was so well-behaved. It was a stressful way to live, and eventually, it took its toll.  Read more

Singing the Song God Taught You

The other day, my three-year-old daughter was holding her baby doll and shushing it, using the same little rhythm over and over again.  I didn’t notice it at first, but then it hit me – it was the tune of “Jingle Bells.”

No way, I thought.

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