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Posts tagged ‘civil rights’

Healing the Wounds of Segregation in the Church

During my junior year at the University of Southern Mississippi, I invited a Yugoslavian student to a campus worship service that was organized by my church, which was predominately white. After the meeting, we were talking in the hallway, and he noticed a group of mostly black students meeting across the hallway. Then he asked something that caught me off guard.

“Why do the white Christians and the black Christians meet separately?” Read more

We Can’t Forget What We Saw Today

People talk about the gay rights movement, and they remark how the TV show “Will & Grace” was the cultural turning point in that battle.  I’m beginning to think that, with these undercover Planned Parenthood videos, the pro-life movement is having its own, viral “Will & Grace” moment. Read more

With its Planned Parenthood Editorial, the New York Times Repeats a Shameful History

In the fall of 1906, an infamous mockery took place in New York City: Ota Benga, a Congolese man, was put on display in the “Monkey House” of the Bronx Zoo.

Mr. Benga found himself in the cage after being sold into slavery and subsequently purchased for display at the World’s Fair in St. Louis. The anthropologist who brought him to the United States eventually left him in New York where he was placed under the supervision of the zoo. Read more

Yeah, We Can Judge Planned Parenthood

By now, I hope you’ve heard of the recently released undercover video of Dr. Deborah Nucatola, the senior medical director for Planned Parenthood. In the video, she explains how the organization harvests fetal organs and sells them to companies that use the body parts for research. The video was produced by the Center for Medical Progress. Read more

Four Reactions to my Washington Post Editorial

Those of you who follow my blog on Facebook or Twitter are well aware by now that this week, I wrote a guest column for the Washington Post called, “Why, for Southern Christians, Taking Down the Flag Isn’t Enough.”  The reactions were, for the most part, positive. Read more

To the Infant Victims of Dr. Kermit Gosnell

This post is written in memory of the countless infants who were murdered at the hands of Dr. Kermit Gosnell, who was convicted of their deaths in 2013.  You can read more about the trial here.

We do not know how many thousands of you there are; nor do we know the names God has now given you.  But what we do know is that your lives on this earth were far too short, that you deserved better than you got – and today, we want you to know this: we remember you. Read more