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Posts tagged ‘sacrifice’

The unforgettable reason a dog named Spooky was saved

My friend Ann was driving through the cemetery in the blazing heat one summer afternoon and her heart was heavy with grief. Her father had died four months before and nothing could shake her of the sense of loss – until suddenly, there was an interruption. Read more

Three incredible pieces of marriage advice I’ve never forgotten

I recently got into a brief argument with my wife over something totally minor. In the moment, however, it felt like it was a huge deal (pride has a way of converting little offenses into major ones). Read more

What Will Happen When We Stop Guilt-tripping People

Sometimes my wife and I fall into the trap of putting each other on guilt trips. Maybe she wants me to help out around the house, so she reminds me of how much time she has spent taking care of the kids. Or maybe I want a break to do something I enjoy (like writing), so I remind her how much I’ve been doing at the office. We’re trying to get away from that.  Read more

What My Daughters Taught Me About Loving a Homeless Man

Last week, Washington, DC, was abuzz with excitement over the blizzard that was forecasted to dump two feet of snow on the city. The snow was just beginning to fall when I looked out the window and saw something across the street that surprised me: a homeless man was sitting against a brick wall, drinking something.

“Hey girls,” I said, “look out the window.” Read more

5 Biblical Principles for Big Dreamers

When I was in seventh grade, I wrote in my journal that I wanted to be an attorney when I grew up, because “attorneys get to do my three favorite things: argue, be dramatic and be right.” In that same journal entry, I also sheepishly acknowledged that being an attorney probably wasn’t a reality for me. Read more

Thank a Veteran Today – You Never Know What it Will Mean to Them

Until a few years ago, every November I called an old man named John Moorhead and wished him a happy Veteran’s Day.  Read more

Five Ways Married Couples Can Love a Single Man

When I was single, I was terrified I would never marry.  But I was equally terrified I might marry the wrong person.

If I married the wrong woman, I thought, I might end up with a wife who was subject to hormonal surges, occasional mood swings, weight fluctuations, bad habits, and bouts of irritability.  She might not share all my interests or always get my humor.  She might not like my music or always want to have sex.  She might, you know – like, be human.  And quite frankly, I wasn’t looking for a human; because so many of the humans I knew could barely stand to live together.   Read more

My Three-year-old Can Relate to Jesus

The other morning, I decided to read the crucifixion story to my two little girls, hoping they would somehow understand how serious and heartbreaking it was.  Although you’d think that would be hard for a three and a five-year-old, kids can surprise you. Read more

The Reason I Haven’t Written a Book Yet

A few months ago, I got an idea for a book, and it was a good idea.  It still is a good idea.  However, I’m a little embarrassed to admit that I have written about three pages, and that is all.   Read more

A Bottle Full of Ungodly Disobedience

The other day, I was reading the Bible to my little daughters and we came across a passage that made me a little uncomfortable.  In it, Jesus said, “Give to those who ask, and don’t turn away from those who want to borrow” (Matthew 5:42).

It felt awkward when I tried to explain the verse to the girls. Read more