When Arguing with Your Spouse, Pray for a Deer

The other day, my wife and I got into an argument over whether we needed to buy a bike.  And although we recognize that this is not a huge deal in the grand scheme of things, somehow it escalated to the point that we were both starting to raise our voices.  But then my wife suddenly looked out the window behind me and said, “Oh my gosh.” I couldn’t help but look.

Before We Speak our Minds on Social Media

Right now, the city of Baltimore is littered with damage from rioters who, for whatever reason, thought violence was an appropriate way to protest the death of a man in police custody.  At the same time, people are littering their Facebook and Twitter news feed with commentary about it.  Some of the statements are more thoughtful, some are less thoughtful, but all of them potentially come with a price.

The Reason We Scroll Through Facebook Likes

A few years ago when I got on Facebook, there was no such thing as a “like” button (can you imagine it?).  You just posted status updates, photos, or links to articles, and the only way you knew whether people approved was if they commented on it.  Then the like button came along at some point and changed everything.  Now there was an instant measure of success for every insecure human being on Facebook.