What Men Should Know Before Tying the Knot

When I was single, I wrote a description of the kind of wife I expected to have and the kind of husband I thought I would be. I’m grateful I’ve lost that embarrassing list, but I do recall that many of my expectations centered on three areas: my confidence in instant maturity as a husband, the assumption of a near-perfect sex life and the expectation of non-stop infatuation.

Is Porn Killing Men’s Desire for Marriage?

According to a recent study by the Barna group, at least 70 percent of single, self-identified Christian men view pornography on a monthly basis. Many Christian women probably look at this statistic and fear being stuck with a husband who’s more aroused by his smartphone than her. But I’m more worried many of these men will never get married at all.

The Kind of Spouse Who Cheats

I thought Anna and Don Walker* had the kind of marriage I wanted – maybe they did at the time. That was 15 years ago, when I was in college.  Back then, Anna and Don were the kind of couple you never dreamed would divorce.  They were steady, salt-of-the-earth folks who effortlessly served others and gave the impression that they really liked each other.