The Reason We Scroll Through Facebook Likes

A few years ago when I got on Facebook, there was no such thing as a “like” button (can you imagine it?).  You just posted status updates, photos, or links to articles, and the only way you knew whether people approved was if they commented on it.  Then the like button came along at some point and changed everything.  Now there was an instant measure of success for every insecure human being on Facebook. 

Family Members Are Kind of Like Messy Salad Bar Customers

The other day, I was at this salad bar where they had one of my favorite salad ingredients: chopped, boiled eggs.  They had a small teaspoon that made it really difficult to get out as much egg as I wanted, so I decided to pick up the whole container and turn it slightly sideways to make it go faster. Let me tell you something: it worked.  About three quarters of the eggs dumped onto the floor, right in the middle of the busiest hour for the little restaurant, which only had two employees working.  And when I got the attention of the cashier…

The Glorious Frustration of Being Married

Before I got married, I drove however fast I wanted and took whatever route I wanted. Granted, on my way to wherever I was going, I also had a knack for running late because of my propensity to get lost. And although I hate to admit it, even now my inner compass doesn’t function like the other people out there who have an unexplainable good sense of direction. One of those other people is my wife, and it wasn’t long into our relationship before she figured out that when it came to finding our way around unfamiliar areas, she and…

One Way to Stop an Argument with Your Spouse

The other night, I was on my way out the door to go to a church men’s group, and I told my wife I didn’t know how to get there.  She gave me directions to the house, which was located in another part of D.C.  I repeated the directions back to her, and then I got in the car and drove away.  But then one block later, I realized I didn’t have my cell phone with me.

How to Know You’re Saved

A significantly modified version of this post appeared at the Boundless Blog.  You can find that here.  (I like them both.) I was sitting in the church service when I heard the preacher say something that made me cringe: “If you can’t remember the day you gave your heart to Jesus, then you probably never were saved in the first place.”