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If You’re Secretly Afraid You Might Go to Hell…

Last week, I wrote an op-ed for Fox News Opinion called, “How to Know the Moment When You Really Got Saved.”  I have never written something that provoked so many comments, personal emails, or Facebook messages.  Fortunately, most of the responses were filled with awe at how completely God saved us through the blood of His Son, Jesus.  And one of those messages, in particular, touched me. Read more

How to know the moment when you really got saved

I grew up in the Deep South, an area heavily influenced by the evangelical Christian faith. For many of us southern believers, the best articulation of our theology of salvation was the phrase, “Once saved, always saved.” The idea basically boils down to this: Jesus died on the cross for your sins, and once you say the “sinner’s prayer,” you are forever saved, and it can’t be undone, no matter what you do.  Read more

Why Christians can extend the same benefit of the doubt to Muslims after a violent attack

A few years ago, a co-worker asked me a question about my evangelical faith that I’ll never forget: “Are you one of those Christians who supports people who bomb abortion clinics?” Read more

Before You Freak Out Over a Starbuck’s Cup…

Starbucks released its famous red holiday cup this week.  And unlike past designs, which included snowflakes, reindeer, and other agnostic clipart, this year’s cup is just red.  That’s it.  A red cup. Read more

Americans less religious? Don’t be fooled, believers are holding steady

Americans are less religious than they were eight years ago, according the Pew Research Center’s 2014 U.S. Religious Landscape StudyRead more

What We’re (Not) Doing for Halloween This Year

Last year, I went trick-or-treating for the first time in my life.  Up until that point, as a matter of principle, I never even handed out candy on Halloween. Read more

How to Know the Exact Moment You Were Saved

When I was in college, I lived with the perpetual fear that somehow I had missed the salvation boat, that although I had placed my trust in Jesus, in the end, I would come before God’s throne, and He would shake His head and say, “I’m sorry, but you just thought you were saved.” Read more

The Reason You’re Emotionally Toxic

I once knew this guy who regularly started conversations like this: “Have you got a minute?  I need your prayers.”  Except there was never any prayer involved – it was just a religious intro to gossip. Read more

Jesus Loved Barabbas, This I Know

When I was in my 20s, I intensely struggled with a sense of unworthiness before God; yet at the same time, I felt like I was just good enough to deserve His love because I was so well-behaved. It was a stressful way to live, and eventually, it took its toll.  Read more

Confusing the World with our Fluent Christianese

Last night, I was having a conversation with my neighbor, and all of a sudden, I panicked.

I couldn’t understand him, and I didn’t have the guts to tell him that he wasn’t making any sense.  I politely smiled and pretended I was following him, but I was lost and wanted to wrap up things without me looking stupid.  The problem was, we were speaking Spanish; and he didn’t realize it, but he was talking over my head. Read more